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With over 8 years experience in this business we believe that Professional billiard table removals are no accident!

It takes experience, equipment and a level head.

We are fully equipped with the right gear to lift, shift and secure your billiard table professionally.

We use a high density foam padding between the table and the trolley always!

We wrap your table and legs in padded quilted blankets to keep them snug as a bug.

We keep our ramps handy at all times.


The purpose adapted trailer is ideal for the safe relocation, and allows us to keep your service fee down!

Most importantly we bring all the experience required for Professional Billiard Table removals!

You can be assured that your billiard table will be handled professionally!


Professional Billiard Table Removals

– o417 655 533 –

For professional Billiard table removals all over Perth Metro and further.

Feel free to leave a message for me at Professional Billiard Table Removals, together with all the details such as size, steps and scenarios and I will respond ASAP.

All the best,


Feel free to email me below!

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This is an owner operated business and I take pride in servicing all of Perth Metro Billiard Table Removal needs for over 8 years now.

I personally attend and conduct each and every billiard table removal, so I’m the guy who can answer any questions you may have!

I’m also the guy on the phone when you call 0417 655 533

Because its attention to detail, a steady hand and a level head as much as the right equipment that translate into a professional Billiard Table removals!

I make sure everything runs smoothly and the buck also stops with me!



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