Billiard Table Removals

Moving a Piano is one thing, but with our experience moving Billiard Tables all over Perth I can tell you that Billiard Table removals are much more challenging.

We are centrally located in East Victoria Park and we are #1 for safe affordable Pool Table and Billiard Table Removals in Perth.

We have the experience, strength and importantly the right equipment to service your Billiard Table removals professionally carefully and safely.

We cover all of Perth Metro and further, offering safe and professional service at an affordable rate.

Clearly there are many sizes from a small 7 foot Pool table to the large 10 foot Billiard Table Removals and then you have the massive Snooker Tables, and there is definitely a right and a wrong way to tackle each.


Obviously access is a very important factor to consider when preparing for your Pool Table or Billiard Table Removals.

  • Are there any steps coming out or into the house / room?
  • Are the steps spaced apart or consecutive?
  • Is there a landing with a turn?
  • Is there enough turning space at the top and bottom?
  • Will there be any uneven, sandy or steep sections?
  • Sadly we do not offer a service to carry billiard tables upstairs

It is paramount to be fully frank and forthcoming with all the info BEFORE we come out for your Pool Table or Billiard Table Removals.

This helps us to keep our service charge as low as possible.

We also want to ensure we bring any additional hands or items required for a safe and professional Billiard Table removal.


With every customer we take the time to plan out the best approach for a safe and professional Billiard Table Removal.

This starts with a conversation and ends with a safe billiard table removal!

Leveling a Billiard table is in itself reasonably easy. The key thing to remember is that it takes weeks not minutes to do properly, because the table will settle quite a bit after it has been moved.

We look forward to hearing from you, so call!


0417 655 533

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